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Dec 2, 2014

Sci-fi tale that begins 500 years from now on board a dank, sprawling space station, where petty thief and protagonist Rose is caught up in the web of dodgy antique dealer Mr Jennings, who sends her back in time to present day Edinburgh. Her mission, once back on ‘Old Earth’ (now uninhabitable after the great...

Oct 30, 2014

A short collection of tales with absolutely no connection to each other, reoccurring theme, or daleks.

Oct 19, 2014

As a lifelong gamer, Dan's dream has always been to land a job at Captive Minds Game Studios. Today he's off for an interview, one that will change his life - forever.

Starring Jim Balfour, Robert Cudmore, & Julia McBay. Written and produced by Matthew McLean.